Non-Human DNA Testing

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Animal Progeny
As DNA is found in all living creatures, it can be used to determine whether animal offspring are indeed the direct descendents of who they are alleged to be. DNA parentage and pedigree tests can be carried out safely on pigeons, cats, dogs, horses, cattle  and other animals to establish pedigree. Provided that the pedigree is known, breeders and customers can have DNA objective evidence in any transaction at a price that is very competitive.  

DNA Birdsexing
In many birds the sexes cannot be distinguished even in adults. In about half of the world’s bird’s species, the females and males look identical. This problem is particular in human assisted breeding of certain types of birds. The most crude method of determing the sex of birds is by surgical sex identification. However, today a better and cheaper method is by DNA Birdsexing. Three plucked feathers are enough to establish the sex of the bird. This method is non-invasive and much less traumatic on the bird. There is no need to give any medicines to the bird after plucking feathers.


Birds that can be sexed:
Parrots, Makaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Finches, Ringnecks and Canaries.

Other birds include: owls, emus, eagles, and vultures.


Procedure using feathers:

  1. Wash your hands well
  2. Collect the feathers in a new and correctly labelled plastic bag.
  3. Insert all the relevant data (name, type, ring data etc) and the date of collection
  4. Three plucked feathers can be used for each bird. Plucked feathers from the wings (finches, canaries, ringnecks), the tail (finches, canaries and ringnecks) or the chest (makaws, parrots, cockatoos) give the best results.
    Avoid handling the tip of the feather shaft

Procedure using blood

  • Blood can be collected using a sterile nail clipper from the toes of the bird
  • A Sample Submission Form should accompany the samples
  • The samples should be sent as soon as possible.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures

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