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ACTN3 is a genetic test used to determine whether an individual is naturally geared towards sprint/power events or towards endurance sporting ability.

This ACTN3 test is highly recommended for young athletes who want to make the most of their genetic potential.

Two minor variations of ACTN3 exist:
a) 577R allele causes the production of α-actinin-3. Individuals having this variant are predisposed to become sprinters
b) The other allele 577X can be found in athletes who are more likely to succeed in endurance events

Performing the ACTN3 test can be part of the success story of an athlete. It should be used in combination with other physiological tests, physical determinations and psychological assessments, as well as proper nutrition.

The ACTN3 test can be used to optimally design a training programme specifically geared for each athlete.

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